Support & Monitoring

Our screens are set up to run only during clinic hours. Our operations staff closely monitor all screens to assure reliable delivery of our content. Problems are usually solved remotely with no interruptions to local clinic staff.

Content Creation

We can work with your organization to create custom video content. We can work with Video, PDFs and Powerpoints. If the content is of broader interest we can look at producing a video for the benefit of the entire HUTV network. Unlike digital signage, HUTV operates as a television network with full HD video and sound.

Custom Programming

We can tailor each TV screen deployed to your location to suit your needs. Contact us today to find out what sort of customization we can provide to your organization. Information can be updated within 24 hours and scheduled to start and stop weeks in advance.  Our screens can also be scheduled to provide audio 100 percent of the time providing needed sound masking.

Alberta Health Services Vetted

Providing reliable information is key to our service. Through our partnership with Alberta Health Services, all of the medical video content is vetted by the appropriate medical experts.

No Monthly Fees

There are no ongoing fees to have HUTV in your waiting room. Contact us today to get started!

On a Mission, Still Pretty Fun

All of our content is designed with one thing in mind: making health information available to our viewers. Every video is carefully shot and edited so that our audience remains engaged with the content.