Alberta Population By Age

(Feb 2011 AHS Population survey)

  • 0 -4 years- 7%
  • 5-19 years-19%
  • 20-44 years-37%
  • 45-64 years-26%
  • 65 years-11%

Location is the new currency of Marketing

More than 230,000 Albertans a week (May 2018) are sitting in front of 371 HUTV screens. HUTV provides a significant audience, contextual relevance, long dwell times, a wide demographic, and a healthy brand association to advertisers. HUTV’s engaging television programming is designed to help assist patient confidentiality in busy medical places-of-wait by directing patient attention away from reception areas to television screens strategically located in medical waiting areas.

HUTV programs engage, entertain, and educate patients and family members while they are waiting to see their health care providers. These short format video vignettes are developed to help enhance Public Health Awareness and to promote the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. Advertisers (some restrictions may apply) can leverage this audience with high frequency exposure of their television campaigns inserted in between HUTV’s short format vignettes, and/or by sponsoring specific HUTV programs.

HUTV can simplify a media buy by providing a single source of entry for companies, organisations, and agencies that wish to communicate their products and/or services  throughout Alberta, in rural and urban health care points of entry. Campaigns can also be targeted to specific regional audiences in Alberta.

You are “Watching Your Health” on HUTV

Everyone wants to enjoy good health. Whether it’s getting vaccinated before your next trip to Mexico, consulting your doctor about your first child, or discussing the finer details of retirement with another senior citizen in the waiting room, everyone visits a medical environment sooner or later.

We at HUTV believe that this creates an excellent opportunity to engage a wide audience with a positive message. This is why we put so much care into all of the content that we produce: health information equals a healthy mind and body!

By advertising or sponsoring content on HUTV, Advertisers will deliver their message on a dedicated channel that will align their brand with this healthy mind/healthy body concept. HUTV’s programming is “locked” and is generally the only wall-mounted television screen available for people to watch while they’re waiting to see their health care provider.

There are no remote controls or PVRs in these environments!

Who Can Advertise on HUTV

Though there are some restrictions due to the health-related nature of HUTV’s programming, Advertisers are not required to have a health-related business model!

In addition, most of HUTV’s viewers have phones with an internet access available to them while they’re in the waiting room. All they need is the inspiration to go online to get more information about your business’s services!

HUTV Weekly Viewership by Region

230,000 estimated (includes 30% accompaniment)

  • Northern Alberta 61,204 visits
  • Central Alberta 21,235 visits
  • Southern Alberta 131,660 visits

Reliable Metrics

Visitor statistics are requested as each new medical clinic or Primary Care waiting area enrolls with HUTV. These weekly averages are compiled to provide an indication of the number of visitors that are exposed to HUTV’s programming.

A nationally accepted accompaniment factor of 30% is added to the patient counts to account for family members and friends that join patients in the waiting room.

For example, 230,000 weekly visitors is derived from 178,800 estimated patient visits per week (this information is provided to HUTV by facilities when they sign up for HUTV’s services).

HUTV’s service has been accepted by the medical community and expansion is ongoing.

Advertising campaigns take advantage of this regularly expanding audience at no additional cost during the narrowcast period of delivery.

Client Locations
Weekly audience
90 minutes
Average Wait Time
Age 20-44


HUTV offers a variety of ways for Advertisers to participate on our network.

HUTV can accommodate your traditional broadcast commercial formats and we encourage audio (HUTV controls the volume in host locations as this boosts the confidentiality service we provide in waiting rooms).  As well, full HD creative services are also available for those that wish to (or need to) develop new content.

Broadcast pricing varies by frequency (number of exposures per hour), region (province-wide vs defined regions within Alberta), commercial length (flexible between 15 sec to 2 min), and campaign duration (minimum of 4 weeks to annual awareness flights). Discounts are also available to recognized NFP organizations and continuity commitments.

Sponsorship of HUTV programming is also available.

Please contact David Chittick at HUTV  by email at to learn more about advertising your products, services, and brand on the HUTV Network.