The network is always updating with new health-focused content for our audience. Patrons will be keeping up to date with today’s most relevant health information.

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HUTV offers engaging content for Healthcare patrons with a focus on improving well-being. With content that viewers can trust, we are able to reach our audience on a personal level.

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It doesn’t cost much to engage thousands of Albertans every day with your brand message. Explore our affordable options and discover the HUTV difference.

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There are a variety of benefits HUTV has for both patients and health facilitators. Here are a few of them:

  • Gives patients the information they need to actively participate in their health decisions.
  • Provides an avenue for increasing awareness of regional and local health facility resources through custom programs.
  • Reaches the patient during the “Teachable Moment”.

  • Reduces the burden on staff by providing health information to a patient. Patients benefit by having a clearer understanding of their health needs.
  • Facilitates private sponsorship opportunities to reach a niche market.
  • Each advertiser has the opportunity to have their message reach the right audience at the right time.

waiting-room-4HUTV recognizes the importance of health information when it comes to patient care. Our mission is to promote a continued interest in maintaining a healthy lifestyle by providing the highest quality health information programming possible. Utilizing leading edge technology, HUTV is able to deliver customized, broadcast quality content to specific hospitals and health facilities. This helps patients to develop a clear understanding of their health needs, while reducing the burden on health staff.


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What People Are Saying

It is a delight to work with the professionals at Health Unlimited Television. HUTV handled our requests easily, efficiently and rapidly – to produce quality productions. As well, the placement of our spots in patient waiting areas throughout the province puts our message before our primary audience. We will continue to enjoy a long-term relationship with Health Unlimited Television.

Elsie Rose, Communications Coordinator, Alberta Dental Association and College

We have had HUTV in our 3 clinics for over 3 years now and it has become our main communication tool to our patients. The flexibility of customized programming to promote clinic programs or inform patients of any changes within the clinic has really helped us get messages out to our patients. The staff at HUTV are very receptive to any changes or additions in programming and the turnaround time to have programming updated is usually within a day or two.

Tim Neufeld, Clinic Manager, Campbell Associates

Through our HUTV screens we are able to provide customized programming to each of our location which can be updated within 24 hrs. This allows us to keep our patients updated with our latest courses and health information.

Heather Wragg- Health Care Support, Bow Valley Primary Care Network

Should be there for the patient, even though it's privately sponsored. It's Wonderful.

Queen E II Hospital-Grande Prairie

It's just good to have easily accessable health information.

Patient Foothills Medical Centre